LIFE Institute

Message from Creators

“Providing tools that enable the reconciliation between biodiversity conservation and business production requirements is a crucial endeavor in our world today. However, values associated with ethics, scientific knowledge and sense of priority are not easily transformed into practical means to promote sustainability and social responsibility.

It is clear then that we need to create new alternatives, able to reverse the history of biodiversity loss and to put a stop on the dividing view that keeps “natural resource conservation” apart from “models of development”.

However, though still in an isolated, tentative manner, a new way of interpreting the use of natural resources has emerged and is currently being supported at different levels worldwide. The recognition of the importance of the ecosystem services for the balance of the Planet has already become a concern for governments, corporations, and institutions in the Third Sector. It is clear that the destruction of nature needs to be stopped in order to mitigate social and economic losses, which will only get more severe and intense as time goes on.

Business interests and biodiversity conservation, until recently considered opposing themes for the most part, have just started to come together in an efficient, powerful process. The creation of LIFE Certification is closely tied to the conviction that a program committed to life and to the future requires new initiatives to improve the relationship between business and biodiversity.”