Methodology Development

Since 2009 a group of specialists, technicians, consultants, business managers, and representatives from government, academia and civil society are working to develop a complete certification system, keeping in mind:

  • Conservation of biodiversity as a voluntary act
  • The need for a conservation performance that is compatible with impacts on biodiversity and the capacity for investment, never losing sight of promoting the inclusion and engagement of small/medium businesses
  • Objectivity through the quantification of impacts and scoring of conservation actions based on technical and scientifically recognized criteria
  • The methodology is adaptable to all countries and applicable to organizations of any sizeand sector

This process involves more than 50 experts and 150 organizations in public meetings, technical meetings and pilot audits, and was initiated with an extensive research on an international level on actions already carried out in this direction.


In 2008, even before the creation of LIFE Institute, a wide and extensive research is conducted to ensure the innovation of the mechanism being developed, focused on biodiversity conservation actions applicable to the entire business spectrum regardless of the size or line of business of the organizations, while at the same time differentiating the performance required according to the specifics of each business.

Creation of the Working Group

One of the first steps into developing the Certification is the creation of a multidisciplinary team of experts: biologists, mathematicians, engineers and environmental managers who developed the methodology of LIFE Certification through a complex and integrated work dynamics.

Stakeholder Participation

In the process of developing the LIFE Certification methodology, several stakeholder consultations took place such as: public meetings with NGOs, academia, government agencies and private companies; technical meetings with a range of specialists in the areas of environmental management and biodiversity conservation; provision of documents and information via website; creation of aTechnical and Scientific Committee; and creation of a Permanent Technical Committee.

Permanent Technical Committee

LIFE Institute established a technical and scientific committee as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. The committee is comprised by members of the private sector, the civil society and prestigious experts in the area of biodiversity conservation. The aim of the body is to provide guidance to the development and continuous improvement of the methodology providing support aligned with the main international strategies for biodiversity conservation.

Pilot Audits

Testing and refining of the methodology in preparation for the release of Version 1.0 also featured pilot audits conducted in companies of different sizes and sectors, which were located in different biomes. The pilot audits were performed by professionals with extensive experience in different environmental certification systems.

You can access here LIFE Certification Standards, LIFE Technical Guide 01 and LIFE Technical Guide 02.