Our History


Promotion of online event Companies leading the New Economy, in partnership with SPVS

Webinar held during European Green Week

Participation on the  webinar of Measuring Biodiversity for business and finance series, promoted by UE Business and Biodiversity Platform

Lauching of LIFE International network on Sustainable Territoral Management


10 years of LIFE Institute

Participation in the Global Partnership on Business and Biodiversity annual meeting, in Madrid, Spain

Participation in the Technical Workshop on Aligning Biodiversity Measurement Approaches for Business Workshop, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Participation in the Expert Panel Consultation promoted by FAO-AFD, Rome, Italy

Participation in the  International Sustainability Week, promoted by Amsterdam Declaration Parnerships (ADP), Utrecht, Netherlands

Participation on the  Biodiversity Accounting Approaches for Business Workshop, in Brussels, Belgium


Participation in the 24th Climate Conference РCOP 24 Рin Katowice, Poland

Side event held during the¬†14th Conference of the Parties ‚Äď COP 14¬†(CBD) ‚Äď Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Partnership with Itaipu Binacional for the development of International Standard for Sustainable Territorial Management

Certification of Itaipu Binacional РParaguay 

Participation of LIFE Natural Capital Summit, Barcelona

Participation of LIFE in the Webinar Natural Capital Protocol

Presentation of LIFE at SEBRAE Workshop (SDS-SC)

Participation in Meeting with members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Salto Morato


Representation of LIFE in Europe

Participation of LIFE in Botic√°rio Event – Supplier Sustainability Workshop

LIFE Participation Environment Week – FIEP

Presentation of the LIFE Institute 6th Sustainability and Governance Forum


ABN-AMRO Certification

Control Union Paraguay Accreditation as Certifying Body

Certification of Botica Comercial, from Boticário Group


Presentation of the LIFE Methodology during the Global Sustainability Standards Conference promoted by the ISEAL Alliance in Germany

Participation in the Global Landscape Forum – in Paris, France

¬†Certification of¬† Itaipu¬†Binacional –Brazil

Participation in the 21st Climate Conference – COP 21 – in Paris, France

Realization of the International Workshop on Business and Biodiversity – Brazil


Participation in the No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Beyond organized by Forest Trends, BBOP, Zoological Society of London and DEFRA in London

Side event held during the 12th Conference of the Parties ‚Äď COP 12¬†(CDB) ‚Äď Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea

Contribution to the book Accounting for Biodiversity (edited by Michael Jones – Professor of Financial Reporting and Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Bristol, UK)

Certification of Posigraf ‚Äď the first Brazilian industry to be recognized by LIFE Certification

Participation in the Business and Biodiversity Workshop in Lima, Peru


Participation in the Business and Biodiversity Workshop in Santiago – Chile

Partnership: IUCN Netherlands

International Business and Biodiversity Workshop – Brazil

Participation in the 5th Expert Meeting of the Green Development Initiative (GDI) – Switzerland

Delivery of the first LIFE Certification to the law firm Gaia, Silva, Gaede  Advogados


Launch of  Certification Overview

Side event held during the 4th Meeting of the Review and Implementation Working Group (WGRI4) promoted by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Canada

Partnership: Petrobras

Side event held during the 11th Conference of the Parties РCOP 11 (CBD) РHyderabad, India

Realization of the International Business and Biodiversity Workshop in collaboration with the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD ) – Brazil

Tecpar Accreditation as Certifying Body


Implementation of the International Workshop on Business and Biodiversity – Brazil


Side event held during the 10th Conference of the Parties РCOP 10 (CBD) РNagoya, Japan

Participation in the Meeting of Cities and Biodiversity in partnership with the Municipality of Curitiba


Creation of  LIFE Institute

Assembly for the establishment and election of first members of LIFE’s Board of Directors


  • Fundaci√≥n Avina
  • Funda√ß√£o Grupo Botic√°rio
  • Funbio
  • Itaipu Binacional
  • Posigraf
  • Positivo Inform√°tica
  • Magistral
  • CRA


Founders of LIFE Certification:

  • Avina
  • Funda√ß√£o Grupo Botic√°rio
  • Posigraf
  • SPVS