Public Consultations

The Public Consultations aim to guarantee the transparency of the process of continuous development of the LIFE Methodology, creating an opportunity for the participation of interested parties who wish to contribute with the improvement of the methodology.

The Public Consultation process lasts 60 days, and its access is made available through the LIFE Institute website. A second round of Public Consultation may be conducted if:

• The first is not considered satisfactory in terms of number of contributions and representativeness of participants;
• Significant changes are made to the LIFE Certification Methodology after the first round; or
• The Board of Directors of the LIFE Institute deems it necessary.

Subsequently to the Public Consultation process, the LIFE Institute publishes a document referred as Return/Feedback report, which presents the results of the analysis carried out by the LIFE Institute for each of the contributions received during the Public Consultation process.

Information on Public Consultation processes executed by LIFE are available bellow only in Portuguese.