LIFE Key Software

LIFE Key  is a platform that centralizes in a single place all information regarding your company’s relation with biodiversity. It offers metrics that guide decision-making to effective nature conservation actions and reduction of impacts.

The use of the software also allows evaluating company’s biodiversity performance, guiding your organization to become Nature Positive.

Using LIFE Key your company effectively incorporates biodiversity into its management system.

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  • Measures, assesses and compare positive performance and business’ pressure on biodiversity
  • Enables monitoring company’s biodiversity performance
  • Assesses action plan focused on biodiversity
  • Facilitates the analysis of company’s environmental management system
  • Guides the organization where to get best results
  • Enables the strategic communication of business’ positive performance
  • Enables comparability between business units
  • Provides clear and transparent communication of the results
  • Issues executive and detailed reports