What we do

Our work is based on the search for concrete and effective results, supported by scientific indicators and conservation priorities.

We offer efficient and pragmatic tools related to Business and Biodiversity and Sustainable Territorial Management.

LIFE Business and Biodiversity metrics enable a clear and objective analysis of pressure and impacts (positive and negative), analysis of risks, dependencies and opportunities in the business’s relationship with biodiversity. In this way, its application ensures greater effectiveness of investments and positions the business in the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (Target 15)*.

In addition to incorporating CBD’s international decisions and guiding organizations in the application of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs/UN) in their practices, the LIFE Methodology for Business and Biodiversity was also recognized by the Business and Biodiversity Platform of the European Union as one of five aggregate biodiversity metrics to quantify business impacts and dependencies.

*Target 15.  All businesses (public and private, large, medium and small) assess and report on their dependencies and impacts on biodiversity, from local to global, and progressively reduce negative impacts, by at least half and increase positive impacts, reducing biodiversity-related risks to businesses and moving towards the full sustainability of extraction and production practices, sourcing and supply chains, and use and disposal – Convention on Biological Diversity, United Nations