LIFE Methodology for Business and Biodiversity

The LIFE Methodology for Business and Biodiversity is an instrument that enables a clear and objective analysis of pressure, impacts (positive and negative), risks, dependencies and opportunities in business’ relationship with biodiversity.

Applied through the LIFE Key software, it offers metrics that allow organizations to quantitatively and qualitatively assess and monitor their performance in relation to biodiversity. In this way, its application strategically guides organizations in making more effective and efficient decisions with their investments in conservation actions.

The implementation of LIFE Methodology by companies allow them to report on several corporate initiatives:

  • TNFD
  • Target 15 of Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (CBD/ONU)
  • DJSI: Annual Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA)             Questionnaire Biodiversity Exposure & Assessment (2.6.2)
  • GRI – biodiversity related topics
  • SDG – Sustainable Development Goals directly related to the integrity of biosphere, among others.