Technical Consultancy / Courses and Training

In a complementary way, we develop technical projects, studies, strategies and Management tools for Sustainability with the objective of contributing to the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System of companies, including:

  • Impact Diagnosis and Environmental Management
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Development of Environmental Management tools:
    • – Customized and Automated Matrix of Environmental Impact;
    • – Systems for environmental management of business units / franchises;
    • – Tool for Risk Analysis (for financial institutions, new enterprises and existing ones);
  • Strategic Analysis of Implemented Environmental Programs and Actions
  • Opportunities for the Conservation of Biodiversity:
    • – Guidance for the design and implementation of conservation actions;
    • – Liaison with project executing organizations, monitoring and assessing results.

Courses and training:

  • Ecosystems’ Services and their relation with companies
  • Climatic Changes and companies
  • Environmental Management: fundamentals and metrics
  • Sustainability in the Supply Chain
  • LIFE Methodology