Who are the Certifying Bodies?

To be accredited, the Certifying Body must go through an approval process which includes the assessment of a series of requirements related to the exemption, impartiality, transparency, credibility, structure and technical capacity. In addition to following specific procedures from the Accreditation Protocol of LIFE Certifying Bodies. For further information, please contact us directly.

The LIFE Certification Management System follows the trend of the best international practices related to the management of certification systems.

Currently, the accredited LIFE Certifying Bodies are the Paraná Institute of Technology – TECPAR, Neocert and Control Union Paraguay.

Paraná Institute of Technology – TECPAR
Accreditation certificate nº OCL 003
Accredited since: 06/12/2012

Tel+ 55 41 3316-3213
Contact: comercial@tecparcert.com.br


Accreditation certificate nº OCL 004
Accredited since: 10/21/2022

Tel+ 55 19 3375-1060
Contact: contato@neocert.com.br / https://neocert.com.br

Control Union
Accredited since: 12/22/2016

Contact: Julio Pelegrineli – jpelegrineli@controlunion.com

Accredited since: 07/24/2023

Contact: Ignácio Bañeres Escribano – ibanares@aenor.com

If you are interested in becoming an auditor, you must:

  • Contact the accredited Certifying Body to verify the necessary requirements; and,
  • Attend the Auditor Training promoted by LIFE Institute.


LIFE Certification