Symbolic delivery of the LIFE Certification to ABN AMRO Brazil

4 July 2017

The symbolic delivery of the LIFE Certificate to ABN AMRO took place on May 10, at the company’s office in the city of São Paulo (SP). The certification was granted to the bank in recognition of the commitment made with voluntary actions and in addition to the legal requirements for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The delivery was made to the president of ABN Brazil, Rick Torken, by the executive director of the LIFE Institute, Alice Alexandre. For Alice “it is a great pride to recognize the practices for nature conservation promoted by ABN. The bank’s actions for biodiversity demonstrate that it is possible to integrate natural capital conservation into all business practices. “

Photo: Mrs. Maria Alice Alexandre, Executive Director of the LIFE Institute, and Mr. Rick Torken, President of ABN AMRO in Brazil (from left to right)