Who is behind this initiative?

Working as standard-setting organization since 2009, LIFE Institute is responsible for the development and the management system of a standard for biodiversity management with organizational application (LIFE Certification).

Itaipu Binational and Itaipu Technological Park (PTI) signed a partnership with LIFE Institute, realizing the possibility of expanding the scope, perspective and management scale in relation to LIFE Institute’s activities through the development of a Standard for Sustainable Territorial Management.

Itaipu Binational motivation for this new standard, the International Standard on Sustainable Territorial Management, is having a practical tool to evaluate its regional performance as a result of the social and environmental investments made. The tool will also be used to conduct a territorial sustainability diagnosis and to monitor the standardized indicators on its wide area of operation.

PTI Foundation is part of the initiative as the perfectly inserted institution of technical and social development in the piloted region, for its institutional influence with several regional and local stakeholders and municipalities.