How does the Certification process work?

In countries where LIFE Certification is already implemented, the organization that desires to be certified must contact one of  LIFE Certifying Bodies  in order to obtain information about the process.

The Certifying Body, through the Audit Guide and LIFE Methodology, must assesses if the organization meets LIFE management indicators for sustainability and if its conservation actions reach the minimum required performance calculated to offset the residual impact resulting from the use of natural resources.

The LIFE Certification process consists of three types of audit:

  • Certification audit (year 0): in this audit, the organization must demonstrate compliance with all the methodology’s minimum requirements in order to obtain the Certificate.
  • Annual monitoring audit (years 1-4): In the following four years, the organization undergoes follow-up audits related to the compliance with the requirements and the continuous improvement process of the commitments undertaken.
  • Recertification audit (year 5): In the fifth year, the organization is reassessed in order to renewal the Certificate.


LIFE Certification