LIFE Priorities Brazil

LIFE Methodology uses qualifiers to evaluate actions taken to promote biodiversity conservation. The purpose of qualifiers is to generate bonuses for organizations that undertake or support conservation actions that are relevant and have priority. By doing so, LIFE Methodology supports directing investments to areas and species that are in a critical situation.

Some of these qualifiers, such as the priority for the conservation of a particular locality or the threat category of a particular species, are linked to the international, national or local databases, presented below.

Note: please note that the links you will be directed are in Portuguese only.

Priority Areas for Conservation in Brazil

MMA Português

Even though “PORTARIA MMA N° 9, DE 23 DE JANEIRO DE 2007” has been replaced by “PORTARIA Nº 463, DE 18 DE DEZEMBRO DE 2018”, LIFE Institute recommend the use of 2007 version, since 2018 version presents incomplete information, making imposible its application in the context of LIFE Methodology.
LIFE Institute contacted the Brazilian Ministry of Environment for clarification which informed that its database is been reviewed and updated, given that the document with 2018 version presents alphanumeric codes without identifying each area. LIFE Institute is monitoring data availability and this information will be updated when available.

Additional information

MMA / WWF – Brasil Português

Red Book of Endangered Fauna – Paraná

SEMA Português

Click on the link available on the bottom of the webpage to access the Red List of Threatned fauna of Paraná State, Brazil.

List of Endangered Species of Flora – Mato Grosso

MMA Português

This list presents the same data available on MMA National List (Portaria nº 443 de 2014). However, only the information for species of Mato Grosso state is available here.