Board of Directors

In conjunction with the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors has an important role in the direction of the activities performed by the LIFE Institute.

The Board of Directors has a tripartite governance system, ensuring balance between representations from the private sector, civil society and academy members.

  • Roberto Klabin  Founder of  Caiman-Pantanal; President of LIFE Institute Board of Directors
  • Maria de Lourdes Nunes  Executive director of Boticario Group Foundation for Nature Protection; Vice President of LIFE Institute Board of Directors
  • Clóvis Borges  Executive Director of non profit SPVS 
  • Fábio Alperowitch  Director of Fama Investimentos
  • Flavio Marques Goulart  Director of Business and Communication at Japan Tobacco International – JTI Brazil
  • Maria Alice Alexandre  CEO Permian Brazil
  • Márcia Marques  Professor at Federal University of Paraná
  • Miguel Serediuk Milano  Director of Permian Brazil and Milano Consultancy and Planning
  • Thomas M. Lewinsohn  Professor of Ecology at  the University of Campinas and cooperates as honorary professor at Technical University of Munich