LIFE Institute promotes 5° Workshop for development of Territorial Standard

28 August 2020

From August 24th to 27th, LIFE Institute promoted the 5th Workshop involving the working groups supporting the development of the International Standard on Sustainable Territorial Management.

Hosted online, the participants worked on suggestions for the indicators of the Principles and Criteria of the Standard.

On the 24th, the social working group worked was focused on the principles of “Human Well-Being” and “Education”.

With active participation, the environmental working group met on August 25th, focusing suggestions indicators for  “Conservation of Biodiversity and Ecosystems” and “Justice and Equity” principles.

“Shared Responsibility” and “Culture, Cultural and Historical Heritage, Traditional and Local Peoples” were discussed by members of the Cultural working group while “Sustainable Economic Development and Market” and “Natural Capital” principles were worked by the Economic working group.

The online edition of the workshop allowed that, additionally to the members of the working group, members of the International Network on Sustainable Territorial Management, and other specialists participated. The level of contributions were very high and will be presented by each leader of the working groups to the other forums of participation.

LIFE Institute appreciate and thank all participants involved.



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