LIFE Institute participates on technical workshop Aligning Biodiversity Measurement Approaches for Business

2 November 2019

Building up on the activities started on March, in Brussels, Life Institute participated on the workshop Aligning Biodiversity Measurement Approaches for Business, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on October 29th to 30th. This initiative aims to compare existing metrics and approaches, and to establish common view between key stakeholders on the measurement, monitoring and disclosure of corporate biodiversity performance.

The participants discussed the need for engaging business on biodiversity conservation and the importance of having biodiversity indicators for the private sector. With 79 people in the audience, 40% of the individuals represented the corporate sector, 30% NGO, followed by academy and government officials.

The executive director of Life Institute, Maria Alice Alexandre, presented Life Methodology, and Andrea Arantes, management system coordinator of Posigraf, company that is Life certified since 2014, shared their experience with the use of Life Methodology and its metrics. “The use of Life Methodology and Certification allowed us to measure and understand if our implemented actions to preserve biodiversity are effective and compatible with the pressure that our commercial activities put on the environment”, highlighted Andrea.

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