“Journal of Cleaner Production” presents LIFE Methodology and Certification as an essential way to restore biodiversity

10 May 2022

The doctoral thesis published in the international scientific journal “Journal of Cleaner Production” (impact factor: 9,297) presents the conclusion: “Even if the goals of reducing the consumption of natural resources are achieved (…) it is necessary to rebuild nature, planning the economic system based on ecosystem services that would support real and sustainable economic growth. Therefore, companies must develop biodiversity conservation actions to promote direct benefits to ecosystems and, consequently, promote environmental stability and increase ecosystem services (such as water, fibers, wood, seeds, well-being, climate control…), indispensable. to the maintenance of the global economy.”

According to researcher Ricardo Reale, the LIFE Certification Methodology can contribute a lot to interested organizations. “Environmental certification methodologies such as those recommended by LIFE Institute are essential to facilitate decision-making on what type of actions to take to mitigate their negative environmental impacts to save or restore biodiversity, reducing pressure on ecosystems with sustained economic growth.”

Click here to access the publication.

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