Neocert is officially a LIFE Accredited Certifying Body able to carry out the LIFE Certification process!

3 November 2022

To be accredited, Neocert went through an approval process which includes the assessment of requirements related to the exemption, impartiality, transparency, credibility, structure and technical capacity. In addition to following specific procedures from the Accreditation Protocol of LIFE Certifying Bodies and the trend of the best international practices related to the management of certification systems. 

The LIFE Accredited Certifying Body uses the LIFE Methodology to assess if the organization meets LIFE biodiversity management indicators and if its conservation actions reach the minimum required performance calculated to offset the residual impact resulting from the use of natural resources. Through auditing (Audit Guide), the Certifying Body verifies that all requirements for certification are met and grants the official LIFE Certification.

The organization that desires to be certified can now contact Neocert to obtain more information about the process.


Accreditation certificate nº OCL 004

Accredited since: 21/10/2022

Tel+ 55 19 3375-1060 / 41 3316-3213

Contact Renato Pasqual  – /

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