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LIFE Methodology is been adapted to Europe.

Draft version of  Technical Guide 01 (here).

Draft version of  Technical Guide 02 (here).

Draft version of Standard (English version ) (Portuguese version)



The documents related to LIFE Methodology mention the terms “Biodiversity Impact Index – BII” and “Biodiversity Conservation Actions – BCA”. Documents launched after June/2020 mention these same metrics as “Biodiversity Pressure Index – BPI” and “Biodiversity Performance – BP.” More specifically: Minimum Biodiversity Performance (MBP – former “BCAmin”) and Biodiversity Positive Performance (BPP – former “BCA achieved”).

The changes in the terminology and abbreviations, which are currently being used, do not affect the meaning or the method these metrics are calculated.

We emphasize these changes are due to our commitment to continuous improvement and aim to better communicate LIFE Methodology.

We would like to inform that new and reviewed documents related to LIFE Methodology will have these terms progressively reviewed and will be updated on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact the LIFE Institute team.


  • LIFE Premises
    Present Premises that based LIFE Methodology and Certification.
  • LIFE Standard for Business and Biodiversity
    Based on LIFE Premises, Principles, criteria and indicators are defined for organizational good practices that should be implemented on primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.
  • LIFE Glossary
    Brings definition of technical and management terms applicable to LIFE Methodology for Business and Biodiversity and LIFE Methodology on Sustainable Territorial Management, as well as the LIFE Certification System.
  • LIFE Technical Guide 01
    Information of organization’s pressure on biodiversity calculation and establishment of minimal performance necessary in conservation actions.
  • LIFE Technical Guide 02
    Evaluates organization’s performance in conservation actions.
  • Preparation and Revision of LIFE Normative Documents
    Establishes the methodology for developing and revision the normative documents of LIFE Institute. Download  
  • Conflict Resolution
    Establishes guidelines for the resolution of conflicts related to the LIFE Institute. Download  
  • LIFE Privacy Policy
    Presents how personal information from people that contact LIFE Institute is collected, stored, used, and protected.
  • LIFE Engagement Policy
    Presents the LIFE Institute positioning regarding the establishment of partnerships.
  • LIFE Communication and Relationship Guidelines
    Provides communication guidelines and procedures to be followed by the organizations that interact with LIFE Institute
  • LIFE Policy  for the use of the LIFE Certification logo and LIFE certifying bodies’
    Establishes rules relating to visual and written communication for LIFE Certified Organizations and LIFE Certifying Bodies
  • LIFE Policy for the use of chemicals
    Defines LIFE policy regarding the use of cheamicals (agrotoxic, antibiotics, hormones, fertilizers and other substances).
  • LIFE Policy for the use of genetically modified organisms
    Defines LIFE policy regarding the use of genetically modified organisms.
  • LIFE Policy for environmental accidents
    Defines LIFE policy regarding the LIFE certified companies should treat environmental accidents.
  • Information about prohibited chemicals
    Defines and informs which are the chemical products which use is prohibited by LIFE Institute.
  • Derogation of the prohibition of the use of chemicals
    Defines the minimum requirements to request the derogation of the use of chemicals by LIFE Certified companies.
  • Supplier evaluation
    Defines the minimum requirements for the Purchasing Policy, mentioned on LIFE Standards.
  • Scope Rules
    Establishes the rules for defining the scope of an organization/producer’s assessment, to apply the LIFE Methodology and/or LIFE Certification. . Download  
  • Group Certification Rules
    Establishes rules for LIFE Certification in Group.
  • Audit Guide
    Establishes general rules for LIFE Certification audits performed by Certifying Bodies.
  • Accreditation Protocol
    establishes the process of accreditation of Certification Bodies by the LIFE Institute. Download  
  • Transfer of Certification
    establishes minimum requirements for the transfer of LIFE Certification between certification bodies, during the certification cycle of the LIFE certified organization. Download  
  • LIFE Conservation Priorities according to Brazilian legislation
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  • Brazilian Terrestrial Ecoregion Map
  • Brazilian Marine Ecoregion Map 
  • Brazilian Hydrographic Regions Map
  • Paraguay Hydrographic Regions Map
  • Paraguay Ecoregion Map
  • Europe Ecoregion Map
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