Roberto Klabin becomes president of LIFE Institute

14 April 2023

We are honored to announce that as of April 2023, Roberto Klabin, founder of Refúgio Ecológico Caiman, has assumed the presidency of LIFE Institute with Malu Nunes, executive director of Fundação Grupo Boticário, as vice-president. 

The first strategy meeting took place last week at LIFE Institute’s headquarters in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, and was attended by members of the Board of Directors: Roberto Klabin, Refúgio Ecológico Caiman; Clovis Borges, SPVS; Alice Alexandre, CEO, Permian Brazil; Flávio Goulart, Corporate Affairs and Communication Director, JTI.

We would like to thank Miguel Serediuk Milano and Clóvis Borges (SPVS) for their years leading our Board of Directors. Bringing biodiversity conservation as their life mission, they were part of the founding group of LIFE Institute and made countless vital contributions to the future of the Institute and the world. Today they will continue their collaboration as members of the Board of Directors.

LIFE Institute reinforces the mission of recognizing and adding value to private and public institutions that develop actions that favor the conservation of biodiversity, and continues to bring innovation with the same objective: to integrate biodiversity conservation into business models to maintain the ecosystem services that guarantee the functionality of operations, the planet and society.

Roberto Klabin becomes president of LIFE Institute in April 2023 visiting LIFE Institute location
Pictured from left to right, Clóvis Borges (SPVS), Roberto Klabin (Refúgio Ecológico Caiman), Regiane Borsato (Executive Director, LIFE Institute), Rosana Renner (Technical Manager, LIFE Institute), Flávio Goulart (JTI), Cecília Brosig (Communication & Institutional Relations, LIFE Institute), Marcos Lorenzon (Technical Consultant, LIFE Institute).

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