LIFE Certification Attributes

28 June 2022

#1 Focus on Biodiversity: The LIFE Certification combines business and biodiversity, creating an opportunity to invest in a strategic action to maintain the balance of ecosystems and the conservation of biodiversity, reducing the biodiversity-related risks to your business.

#2 In alignment with CBD international objectives related to Business and Biodiversity: The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a United Nations treaty dedicated to three main objectives: the conservation of biodiversity, the sustainable use of biodiversity and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits from the economic use of biodiversity and its genetic resources.

#3 Enables comparison among organizations and business units: The LIFE Methodology can be adapted to any country or region and applied to all company sizes and business sectors, providing compatible metrics and results for comparison.

#4 Assesses and monitors dependencies and impacts – positive and negative – on biodiversity: The LIFE Methodology makes it possible for organizations to objectively quantify, through specific metrics, the impacts they have on biodiversity and to improve their positive performance in conservation actions.

#5 Allows clear and transparent reporting and disclosure: Our qualitative and quantitative approaches with analyzes compiled in reports, provide a detailed view of what has been done and the positive impact it had on biodiversity conservation.

#6 Online platform that guides the decision making process: The LIFE Key platform generates detailed executive reports with the necessary data to support the decision making process within the scope of maintenance of biodiversity and natural resources.

#7 Calculates a minimum performance in voluntary actions for conservation: After determining the Pressure on Biodiversity Index, the LIFE Methodology calculates the minimum performance required in conservation actions in order to offset the impact caused by the use of natural resources.

#8 Alignment with global corporate sustainability reports: In addition to the mentioned attributes, LIFE Methodology for Business and Biodiversity helps organizations in answering the main corporate sustainability reports. The LIFE Certification gives recognition to biodiversity conservation commitments taken by organizations that contribute to solving the current greatest global challenges.

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